December 1, 2016

For nearly 5 years, a major portion of my career has been invested into HBCU Buzz. Since its founding year, in 2011, I have been overjoyed to be a member of the Buzz Team. Growing startup businesses is no easy task and none of the late nights, early mornings, lives affected, awards won, or interviews and features will be forgotten. Beginning as an Event Coordinator, I had the privilege of rising in the ranks, to Social Media Manager, Vice President of Marketing, and President. Developing this brand as well as managing the marketing and social media has afforded me great expertise, many opportunities, and several lessons.


HBCU Buzz has come so far and sister brands BlackBeat and GAlexandra are on the way to high heights, and I am proud to announce that I am also treading that path in the next chapter of my career. As a branding agent and public relations professional, I am excited to manage a portfolio of clients featuring fortune 500 companies, nonprofit organizations, professional athletes, start-up businesses, business professionals, as well as public and private sector clients. I look forward to employing my expertise and knowledge in this new endeavor.


HBCU Buzz will always hold a place dear to my heart. I will most miss the interaction with students and customizing campaigns to penetrate a market I know like the back of my hand. I am grateful to my entire team for the experience and I highly anticipate seeing the growth of each and every individual along with the companies.


For more information, or to contact me, please visit, email me at, or reach me at (202) 827-6719


Brittany Ireland is a millennial-minded public relations and marketing professional based in the Washington, DC metropolitan. For more than 5 years, she has worked in the public relations and marketing industries. Not only is Brittany a branding agent, she is a skilled social media + digital manager and storyteller. She enjoys the work she does and travels the nation happy to educate the next generation, share her experiences, network, and learn.

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